About this Site

This site is meant to be an educational resource for consumers who might like to buy a light weight vacuum. We cover some of the more popular and well made stick vacuums, hand held vac and lightweight vacuums that are designed to clean carpet. This site does not sell or directly refer you to any stores than sell vacuum cleaners. I have personally used all of the vacuum cleaners mentioned on this site and that is part of the reason that the selections are limited to very good and very popular models. A consumer should never rely on just one source of information when making any signficant purchasing decision and some of the vacuums on this site cost over $200 so I implore you to also research any reputable consumer reviews type resources you can before you make a financial commitment.

I have been around vacuum cleaners in a repair facility for a number of years and I feel that I have a pretty good idea of what will clean your home well and which models are probably going to break and which ones will probably last a number of years based on how the average person maintains a vacuum and the combination of my product knowledge and experience. All of the articles on this site were written by myself or an associate I worked with at the appliance repair facility.

Privacy Policy

This site does not really have a privacy policy because it does not collect any personal information from its visitors and the site does not leave cookies on your computer.